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My problem in a nutshell is I cant stop peeing. At first I thought I had a UTI, so was given a 7 day course of antibiotics from the Doctor. When this didn't clear after 7 days I went back and my urine was tested, no infection. Since then (2 weeks) i have been taking Oxybutynin which relaxes the . Sep 25,  · I'm only 23 weeks pregnant everything has been going well; today something weird happened. I've been peeing for like 3hrs and it wont stop. Its a continuous flow and i cant control Resolved. Jan 23,  · Can't Stop Peeing. Must Read. What is Urinary Tract Infection? Cant Stop Peeing!!! Related Topics. How Do I Stop Her From Pinching. mischkek. June 1st, When I get done urinating, no matter how many times I shake my penis, I pee on myself when I put it back into my pants.

I cant stop peeing
I cant stop peeing

I sat in the waiting room of Dr. Wu's office, i cant stop peeing through an issue of Us Weekly from Occasionally, I looked up at the receptionist in hopes that she might acknowledge me or maybe even call me in for my appointment. When that didn't happen, I read and reread the sign that said I would be charged the full amount of the appointment if I was late. I didn't respond, instead I crossed my legs and looked expectantly at her.
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She has showed up on trickyagent under the name Gina a few months back.

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I cant stop peeing
I cant stop peeing
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