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4. Add a few thrills. After a few years together, it's easy to get lazy in bed. But you both deserve better. "If you don't put energy into your relationship, you won't get energy out of it," says Davidson. 10 Tips for a Better Orgasm. There isn't really one golden rule, but a recent study suggested that more sex doesn't mean better sex and that the happiest couples have sex only once a week. So. 6. How to Have Better Sex by Fixing Your Breathing. This might come off as hippy or holistic, but taking control of your breath is the most direct way to have better sex.

Tips to make sex better
Tips to make sex better

That's why I keep working. But it's a quote that can be applied to just about tips to make sex better area of your life — especially where sex is concerned. And even if you feel like you've mastered the fine art of lovemaking, there's science to support that changing things up in the bedroom can increase pleasure. So why not do some due diligence, and learn a few new tips and tricks to make sure that next time is your best time yet? You don't necessarily have to throw out everything that's been working for you and your partner in order to do so. In fact, it's the small additions and foresight that really make all of the difference, and take your sexual experience from great to incredible. It can be as simple as doing it in a different setting, trying a new position or even adding in a toy or product that helps amplify what already feels good for both tips to make sex better you.
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Tips to make sex better
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