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Our Team at Gateway Chiropractic has been serving the Ft. Worth area for over 10 years and are dedicated to providing the Latest Corrective Chiropractic Care, Nutrition, and Detox methods to enhance our patients lives and get our community Healthier!

Aaron Wall


Diagnosed at age 3 with Severe Asthma and Allergies Dr. Wall grew up with a compromised Immune System and weak Lungs. He was very active in Sports playing Baseball and Football all the way into College and was a 2001 All American Punter at UAPB. Still having Asthma and Allergies during college he started having a Digestive Disorder that made him look to make lifestyle changes to his health instead of just taking prescriptions.

At age 24 he had his first Chiropractic Adjustment and in 6 months he was back to normal digestion and was not having to take prescription drugs for his Asthma and Allergies and from that point on he knew that he wanted to be a Chiropractor. Switching his career track from Sports Medicine to Chiropractic he went to Parker College of Chiropractic where he earned 2 additional Degrees along with his Doctorate. He hold 4 degrees in Health: Biology, Health and Wellness, Anatomy, and a Doctorate in Chiropractic.

He has a Radio Show program: Max Living Radio that airs weekly on 100.7fm, he has made over 200,000 Adjustments and has seen thousands of lives changed by applying the 5 Essentials of Max Living to his patients. He is blessed to have an amazing wife Shanna, and two children: Ayden and Shayla.


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