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Naked from reigate surrey
Naked from reigate surrey

It is in the London commuter belt and one of three towns in the borough of Reigate and Banstead. It is sited at the foot of the North Downs and extends over part of the Greensand Ridge. Reigate has a medieval castle and has been a market town since the medieval period, when it also became a parliamentary borough. Colley Hillone mile 1. There are neolithic flint mines on the ridge of the North Downs above Reigate. Bronze Age settlement in the area is indicated by barrows on Reigate Heath. In a Roman naked from reigate surrey kiln, dated from around AD naked from reigate surrey pictured leftwas recovered from the grounds of Rosehill in Doods Way.
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Naked from reigate surrey
Naked from reigate surrey
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