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In general, a little shaking or pelvic cramping after sex is normal and Williams says you shouldn’t worry. “Most people notice a sense of well-being and a sense of peace that can last anywhere from 10 minutes to several hours after orgasm,” says Williams. Dr. Oz answers a viewer's most embarrassing question and explains why her legs shake after sex. Learn the answer in this video. So after my boyfriend and I have sex, my legs shake uncontrollably. It can start during or just start after and it usually gets to the point where I'm too weak to stand. .

Shaking after having sex
Shaking after having sex

Also I hear some men do it too when near cumming but no man has confirmed shaking after having sex to me yet. Its a natural thing that happens and it will when you are in and intense state of pleasure. That means job well done. Recently I have humped my pillow and got a blasting orgasm. My legs were involuntarily twitching!
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Shaking after having sex
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