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Safe to have sex on placebo watch online

It's safe to have unprotected sex while on the white placebo pills. The pill is designed so that once you're on it, you're protected every day, including during the placebo pill days. As far as antibiotics, there is really only one antibiotic, rifampin, that we know will decrease the effectiveness of the pill. Helpful, trusted answers from doctors: Dr. Novick on safe to have sex on placebo pills days: If you're asking if you can skip the placebo pills for 7 days and then on day #8 go straight to the next pack, the answer is you're likely to be safe. May 12,  · We have unprotected sex, but I take my pills consistantly at the same time every day, i just get a little concerned switching from the pills to the placebos, and the possibility of getting pregnant while waiting for my "induced" period on the placebos, we still continue to have sex .

Safe to have sex on placebo
Safe to have sex on placebo

Having sex on free gass adult pills. Common Questions and Answers about Having sex on placebo pills. But I'm pretty sure it was to early to tell. Well I'm on my placebo week and so far I've take 3 pills. Last time safe to have sex on placebo period came on Wednesday after 3 pills. I'm hoping I'm late because on my first pack I was taking the birth control at 12pm and with my second pack I changed it to 8pm. Should I wait till Friday to take a test or take one now?
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Safe to have sex on placebo
Safe to have sex on placebo
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